Custom Cabinet Doors, Drawer Boxes, Millwork, Kirei Board, Bamboo Plywood, and Other Green Building Products
VanBeeks Custom Wood Products specializing in Wood Cabinet Doors, Dovetail Drawer Boxes, Millwork and Green Building Supplies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although no question is a dumb question, there are some that are asked more frequently than others. Below is a list of frequently asked questions with answers.

Q: What is your lead time?
A: We always strive to achieve a two week lead time, however much of this depends on our workload at time of order.

Q: How will I know when the job is done?
A: We will call you as soon as everything is complete.

Q: Can I change sizes, quantities or any details of the job after the order is placed?
A: Yes. Recognizing that changes are part of the business we accept any changes within the first 24 hours from when the order is placed free of charge. After that, you will be subject to an administrative fee along with any costs incurred in expense of lumber and labor depending on the changes. Any additional items ordered will be treated as a new job.

Q: What is the finished thickness of your doors?
A: The standard finished thickness of our doors is .800 inches. Although this is standard, we can accommodate to your needs by making them either thicker or thinner upon request.

Q: Are the products prefinished?
A: The only finishing that we currently offer is on our drawer boxes. For the boxes we spray an ultra low VOC water-based finish.

Q: What grit sandpaper are your products sanded to?
A: Most of our products are sanded using a 220 grit sandpaper.

Q: Do you provide Miter Framed Doors?
A: No. We have found that cope and rail style joinery provides for a much stronger joint. Although many decorative styles can be created using a Mitered Frame we have been able to achieve many of these styles using an applied moulding.

Q: Do you make Thermofoiled or Vinyl Wrapped doors?
A: No, we do not produce these doors. Although we have sources to obtain such products, we as a company don’t promote or recommend them.

Q: Are all your products Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified?
A: No, however upon request by the customer we have the ability to produce FSC Certified Products using FSC Certified lumber under our FSC Chain of Custody Certificate.

Q: Do you sell sheets of Bamboo or Kirei Board?
A: Yes. Along with integrating these rapidly renewable and highly sustainable products into our product line, we sell and distribute sheets of Bamboo and Kirei

Q: What wood species do you offer?
A: While we stock most domestic species, anything, including FSC Certified woods, are available. Lead times may vary depending on the material requested.